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FOODsniffer – a smart kitchen tool to enjoy meals safely

The one and only FOODsniffer

It's the world’s first handheld mobile device that determines the freshness of raw meat, poultry and fish.

Once wirelessly connected to your smartphone via app, it measures raw meat gas levels, analyzes results and instantly tells you the level of its freshness and safeness to eat.

food sniffer food sniffer

Make sure it's fresh and safe in seconds

food sniffer

POINT the FOODsniffer towards the raw meat, poultry or fish that is placed either on a plate or in a half-covered container.

food sniffer

CLICK "Get" on the FOODsniffer app to perform a bio-organic test that can "sniff" and test if your meat is good to eat.

food sniffer

READ the FOODsniffer test results on your iPhone or Android smart-phone or tablet sent directly via Bluetooth®.

Your food might get spoiled in various cases

  • During Processing
    The initial amount of bacteria on meat can increase during slaughter and processing. The greater the amount of bacteria, the faster your food will spoil.
  • In store
    The freshness of meat, fish and poultry depends on the ways it’s been imported and stored. Meat packaged in its own juices will spoil faster.
  • In car
    Expiration times get shorter if meat is exposed to temperatures above 35-45° F. So the meat left in a hot car can potentially spoil in as little as one hour.
  • At home
    Meat defrosted outside the refrigerator or in the microwave gets spoiled in faster rate, as the moisture in the meat expands and tears the cell membranes, allowing for faster bacterial growth.
    In general, meat tends to spoil 4 times faster if stored at the room temperature.

The FOODsniffer

The first portable “eNose” that quickly checks if raw meat, poultry or fish is fresh, spoiled, or starting to spoil.

Now available in four colors. Comes with free sensing nozzle in package.

food sniffer food sniffer


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food sniffer

Remote digital meat thermometer

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FOODsniffer apron

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